About Us

Hi there everyone. I just would like to take a minute to introduce my blog!

My name is Lindsay and I am mum to three children, Ross 19, April 16 and Jay who is 8 years old and has classic Autism and Global Development Delay. Jay’s chronological age does not reflect his developmental age because of Jay’s delay he is at age 2 years whilst in the body of an 8 year old.

Let me just tell you a little about Jay now.

Jay has many special amazing qualities and many lovely interests. He is obsessed by Space and the Solar System, he loves trains like many children and loves anything that has an order or a sequence. This is a boy who cannot yet read , yet can name every moon in our solar system. This is a boy who has not been able to write until very recently, yet knows every letter of each word. This is a boy who can recite long poems and songs from heart yet cannot carry a conversation! These many qualities show us every day that Jay’s mind is wired differently. So delayed in simple things such as asking a question or answering a question, yet so astute in his attention to detail and a memory, that since the age of 3 has been so phenomenal it has taken our breath away on many occasions! Jay is loved and cared for by, myself, his Dad, and his two older siblings, who support him every day. In writing my blog, as his mum, my biggest aim is to raise awareness of Classic Autism and to reach other parents who may at this very moment be starting on  the same journey we began 4 years ago and may be feeling as lost and alone as we did. On the path to diagnosis and acceptance of a new life, came so many implications, realisations, and the belief that we could do this no matter what the highs and lows of caring for a child , who would need us for the rest of his life would be.

Welcome to my blog!